• 1/2 hour Massage - $45
  • 1 hour Massage - $80
  • 1 1/2 hour Massage - $105

*Ask about our special pricing*

Swedish Massage
  • Perfect for first time massage
  • Promotes relaxation and muscle tension
  • Warms up and works muscle tissue
  • Variety of techniques to relax muscles

Deep Tissue Massage
  • Focuses on deeper lèvels of muscle tension and knots
  • Techniques used include hands, forearms, elbow and fingers
  • May be painful but with good communication helpful to relieve chronic pain


  • Relaxing scents with essential oils
  • Great for headaches and allergies
  • Reports of stimulating the immune system

Mission Statement
To create a relaxing one on one environment, where people can find a new or improved way of how they view themselves; both with their hair and energizing their body through massage.